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Online court booking is here!

To book online, visit this link : online booking.

All of our single court bookings are now done through our online booking system. Permanent court bookings can be booked by sending an email to:


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this the only way to book courts?

Yes. All of our courts are booked online, which means you never have to worry about getting staff on the phone to see when courts are available.


How much does it cost? 

Pay as you play costs $40 per hour plus HST. 


How do I pay?

Courts must be prepaid by credit card by using our online booking system.


How do I cancel?

If you cancel with more than 72 hours notice, you will get a credit on your account to book a court in the future. There are no cancellations after 72 hours and there will be no refunds for courts cancelled with 72 hours or less notice.


How far in advance can I book?

You can book a court seven days in advance of when you want to play.


Why are there so few available slots in prime times?

Many of our prime time spots are booked through permanent court bookings. These players have paid a fee as well as their court time in advance for the entire season.



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