Covid-19 Safety Protocols for the Carleton Tennis Bubble



The operation of the Tennis Bubble for court time rentals will fully comply with the Stage 3 Order and guidelines (and any updates) issued by the Ministry of Health and Tennis Canada. In the event of a conflict between this plan and the guidelines, the Stage 3 Order and guidelines shall prevail. 

Player Protocols:

• Any person who enters or uses the facility must read the pre-screening questions that are posted at the front entrance of the bubble. If you say “yes” to any of these questions, please do not enter the bubble.

• All players must sanitize their hands (hand sanitizing stations will be available on all courts and at the entrance and exit of the tennis facility), wear a mask and maintain a physical distance of at least two meters from any other player who is using the facility.

• Players will only be able to remove their mask when playing tennis. 

• No spectators or observation by parents or guardians will be allowed, only players and coaching staff will be permitted on court.

• At any given time, the total number of players will not exceed 4 players, plus one coaching staff per court. 

• Players will only be permitted into the tennis facility 5 minutes before their scheduled tennis game, and must vacate the facility immediately after their game is over. Please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing practices (at least 2 meters) when leaving and coming into the bubble.

• Players cannot congregate in the bubble or common areas before or after their game. 

• All garbage must be collected and removed from the court by each player before leaving the tennis facility as all garbage cans will be removed. 

• Players must come prepared to play as there will be no available change rooms.

• Players will be asked to collect any possible Lost & Found Items. The tennis facility we will not be offering any Lost & Found service.


Facility Changes:

• All benches and seating will be removed from the bubble. 

• All garbage cans will be removed.

• The washroom and dressing room at the tennis facility will be closed. If you need to use a washroom, you must go to the main Athletics Building beside the Tim Horton’s.

• Hand sanitizing stations will be available on all courts and at the entrance and exit of the tennis facility.

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